Welcome to D’harawal dreamtime stories webpage. Here, you can read and download the stories Frances Bodkin (Aunty Fran) shares in the community. You can search the stories alphabetically

These stories will teach you about the ancient culture of the D’harawal people. You will learn about their natural rhythms and lessons,  language, and the integration of land, animals, nature and people that underpins Aboriginal life in Sydney.

Who we are

Aunty Fran is a knowledge holder of the D’harawal people.  You can contact Frances Bodkin : auntie.fran80@gmail.com

All stories are illustrated by Lorraine Robertson.

According to D’harawal tradition, Gawain Bodkin-Andrews, Fran’s son, is now the holder of these stories.

Buy the books

Some of these stories are available to buy as books.

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D’harawal Dictionary

Access Aunty Fran’s extensive dictionary of English terms translated into the D’harawal language. D’harawal dictionary

Free Downloads

Please access and download

  1. Stories D’harawal dreaming stories – ‘Stories my mother told me’ – Frances Bodkin
  2. Colouring in sheets Colouring-in
  3. The annual seasons calendar and poster D’harawal Annual Seasons – Perpetual Calendar and poster

Interview with Frances Bodkin

Aunty Fran has been interviewed by Richard Fidler on the RN’s “Conversations” on January 29, 2018. Entitled “The Secret History of the Native Hibiscus” the podcast can be found on: http://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/conversations/conversations-fran-bodkin/9350952

3 thoughts on “Home

  1. By luck, I stumbled upon the D’harawal climate and natural resources book. I am absolutely entranced and fascinated! I want this book to be in the school curriculum. Thank you for such a treasure.


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