Stories about Sydney

Burragorang Valley, South Western Sydney:

The story of how the D’harawal people cooperated to defeat the giant Kangaroo is set in the huge Burragorang Valley, now known to contain the water dammed by Warragamba Dam.



Sow and Pigs Reef, Sydney Harbour:

In the time of lower sea levels what is now known as Sow and Pigs Reef, situated in Middle harbour, was Boora Birra – an area of higher ground and a special place to the great eel spirit, Parra’dowee.

Boora Birra 893Kb


Shark Island, Sydney Harbour:

Shark Island was formed and patrolled by the great sea spirit, Boo’ambill’yee, the Grey Nurse Shark.

Boo’ambillyee 1.5Mb


Mermaids Pool, Bargo River, South Western Sydney:

Migadan, the mermaid, was mother to the fishes of the Bargo River, until young warriors thoughtlessly destroyed the ecosystem.



Mulgoa, Western Sydney:

The Black Swan, Mull’goh, lived in the swamps of Mulgoa during the dreaming.

Mull’goh4.5Mb  Mull’goh1.1Mb


Gymea, Southern Sydney:

The giant Gymea Lily was formed by the exploits of Kai’mia, a great warrior. At the same time the swamps of Botany Bay were drowned due to a rock fall and tidal wave.

kai Mia946Kb


South Head, Sydney Harbour:

South Head, the Terral’bai, was originally an island patrolled by hungry sharks.



Cooks River, Sydney:

The Cooks River was named for the pelican, Goolay’yari and was the landing place of the great whale, Guwarra, during the dreaming.

Guwarra935Kb     Guwarra1.4Mb


The Nepean River and the Wollondilly River, Southern Sydney:

A disastrous flood caused these two rivers to flow separately into the sea, as we know them today.






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