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These two books, containing the words of Frances Bodkin and visual imagery of Lorraine Robertson, will take you on a journey to understand the ancient knowledge of the original People of This Land of the D’harawals.

You can buy these books by contacting Lorraine on 0407 461769. They are $50 for the set of two or $20 for the Dreaming Stories and $30 for Climate and Natural Resources. Postage is around $6 extra. Payment can be made by direct debit or by personal cheque.

About the books

D’harawal: Dreaming Stories

Throughout the past two hundred years, society has come to regard the Koori Dreaming stories as something akin to the fairy stories they told us as children.

However, for thousands upon thousands of years, the stories in this book were used as a teaching tool to impart to the youngest members of the clans the laws that governed the cultural behaviour of clan members. The successive attempts to destroy the Koori culture and assimilate The People into the Euro-centric population were unsuccessful, and the Dreaming Stories were able to continue in their disguise as chairman legend in which animals, birds, insects, even fish became the heroes and heroines.

D’harawal: Climate and Natural Resources

Knowledge is the Prime Resource!

The pursuit of knowledge is perhaps life’s greatest challenge.

Traditionally, Aboriginal peoples cared for the land, living as one with it. This custodial relationship, expressed through cultural practices, sustained the natural environment and secured the viability of resources necessary to sustain the continuing existence of Aboriginal society over many millennia. – Gavin Andrews, D’harawal man

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  1. Hi – I’d love to be able to purchase a copy of D’harawal Seasons and Climatic Cycles if it’s available. I’ve looked everywhere I can think of without any luck, so fingers crossed!


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